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In their Research, Practice & Methods (RPM) courses, MIAD Foundations students take giant leaps forward in their lives as artists and designers.

That artistic growth will be on view in the RPM Fall Exhibition, November 7 – 17 in the Fourth Floor Raw Space. The reception is Thursday, November 10, from 6:30 – 8 p.m.

Students will discuss their work with guests at the Reception, including their high school art teachers who are invited to attend.

“RPM courses offer Foundations students a personal selection of content that moves beyond skill, and delves into theme or concept-based approaches,” says Foundations program chair James Barany.

“This differential in our opinion of skill versus idea is critical for the maturation of their creative process.”

The exhibition includes 10 RPM courses:

Simultaneously Attracted & Repulsed – The Uncanny; Jeremy McDonnell Visual Voice Through Water-Based Media; Steve Horvath The Mono-Print & Collograph as Page; Leslie Fedorchuk The Simulated Landscape; Matthew Presutti Figure Drawing in a Contemporary Context; Tom Noffsinger Imaginary Worlds; Carolyn Long Pop-up: 3D Design for a 2D Material; Christiane Grauert The Pathetic Robot: Creating Empathy from the Audience; Ben Dembroski More More More; Carolyn Long Cognita Natura (Experiencing Nature); James Barany and Ricky Heldt

Even with the great variety in the courses offered, something special brings the show together.

“The exhibition is created entirely by first-year, first-semester students at MIAD who won’t exhibit in the same proximal way until their Senior Thesis in 2020.”

For more information about MIAD’s Foundations curriculum, click here.

Image: Elizabeth Dunevitz