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For many high school students, summer vacation is a time to take a break from school and relax.

For the 150 students in MIAD’s Pre-College CORE and Advanced Programs, it’s a time to expand skills, learn new techniques, and get a taste of a college art and design education.

Lindsey Yeager, a senior at Verona Area High School, came to Pre-College for the first time because she is “considering coming to MIAD for college and wanted an immersive learning experience.”

Lindsey Yeager

She definitely got it.

“Classes here are small and everyone really wants to be here. I’ve learned things that I haven’t done before, and this program has completely changed the way I think about art.”

Lindsey loved being able to work alongside passionate students. “You see someone’s work and it becomes a goal. It’s healthy competition and everyone wants to help each other grow.”

Aidan Connelly


Robert E. Lee High School senior Aidan Connelly was looking for the exact same thing, and loved the professors pushing his work forward.

“It was very challenging, and just what I needed to have before going to college. My skills were bolstered and I had instructors who helped me a lot to structure my work.”

After getting immersive, hands-on art and design college experience, both students had new energy and drive in their work, agreeing that everyone in the program is “striving to better themselves and their work.”


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