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MIAD alumnus Kyle Nesbitt ’09 (Industrial Design) is interviewed on French TV, he discusses Albéa’s new product, Lip Kiss. Follow the link to view the interview, please see a summary in English below (the interview is in French).

The segment, Embellages: Comment Ils Vous Séduisent or Packages: How They Seduce You, focuses on creative packaging in France and the innovation and development process for creating new products. Nesbitt is interviewed about his role in the design of a product called Lip Kiss that his company, Albéa, launched in October 2015. The design was inspired by observing consumers apply lipstick. It aimed to find a new gesture that would eliminate the need for a mirror during application and create a pack that was practical to keep in a handbag. The design process took a couple of years, and involved a team of designers, engineers and formula experts from the US, France, Germany and China.

Watch the video here

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