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Nobo B60 Hydration Monitor

Emily Siira ’17 (Industrial Design) is not your typical student; she has already acted as a consultant on a revolutionary product, created right here in Wisconsin. Siira, along with MIAD ID Associate Professor Thornton Lothrop, consulted on Nobo’s—a Pewaukee-based healthcare technology start-up—B60, a first-of-its-kind wearable hydration monitor.

The project, which began in fall 2015, was recently unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, receiving very positive reviews. Siira and Lothrop worked on the design team for the project.

“The team went through several concept iterations of form, function, and interface throughout the process of determining a final product,” added Siira.

Siira was in charge of creating the 3D digital model of the product in SolidWorks, and created digital images of the product, which were used in Nobo promotional materials at CES.

Her 3D model is now in the next phase of product development, and she will likely be involved in future design work on the project.

“The well-rounded immersion provided in the initial years of the Industrial Design program engages students in everything from research and sketching, to CAD, to the machining of product models in the shop,” added Siira.

Siira also credits her work at Master Lock in an industrial design co-op with giving her additional experience for the Nobo project, including in market research, engineering, manufacturing and production, and 3D printing.

image | MIAD

Nobo in use

After graduation Siira hopes to utilize her combined background in engineering and industrial design to pursue a career in ergonomics and medical design. Her ultimate goal “is to channel empathy, to contribute to the design of products that may assist others with health challenges and make the hospital environment more patient-friendly.”

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