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Bell-ChandlerWhen Julie Bell came to visit MIAD from New York, she knew almost nothing about the college, except for the excitement new trustee Harley Bernstein had shared with her.

By the time she left later in the day, she began planning to donate $100,000 for student scholarships, to be awarded over ten years.

Though not in excellent health, Bell attended the 5th Annual MIAD DEFINE, a college-wide event that fosters dialogue across all majors, disciplines and class years. She learned about capstone works created by graduating seniors and spoke with students and faculty who shared her passion for the arts.

“Julie’s career was as a corporate attorney, but her passion is art. Julie saw this same passion when she attended MIAD DEFINE this past spring, and it moved her toward making a very generous contribution in support of MIAD students,” says Bernstein.

The new Julie Bell Scholarship, named for the generous gift, will recognize two students per year for their exceptional academic achievements.

Bell-HarrisonKatie Chandler ’16 (Painting) and Abigail Harrison ’17 (Sculpture) are the first students to each receive a $5,000 scholarship for the 2015-2016 academic year.

“Receiving the Julie Bell Scholarship came as quite a pleasant surprise; it means a lot to me to be recognized for all of my hard work at MIAD. With the addition of this scholarship to my college funds, I will be able to embark on new learning opportunities that I might not have been able to otherwise,” said Harrison.

The award also inspired Chandler, who stated, “I am truly honored to receive this award. It will continue to motivate me to succeed academically at MIAD as I complete my senior year.”

Thanks to Bell’s generous donation, tomorrow’s creative leaders and innovators will receive additional support to pursue their passions for years to come.

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Top image: Katie Chandler ’16 (Painting)
Second image: Abigail Harrison ’17 (Sculpture)