Parent & Partner Orientation
Residence Hall Move-In

AUG. 19 - 21
New Student Orientation

First Day of Classes

Things will never look the same again.

This is it. This is where imagination becomes vision. Where vision grows into a career. Where you create a priceless work—the artist or designer you've always dreamed of becoming.

This is the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design. The all-day, sometimes all-night, bell-never-rings, can't-get-enough place where exceptional talent grows into extraordinary skill.

This is MIAD. Things are different here. MIAD is a community where everyone—and everything— supports visual expression. Viewpoints are turned upside-down to clarify. Eccentricities are welcome. Passion is encouraged. Adrenaline is the stimulant of choice. Laughter flows freely. Lifelong friendships are forged. Perspectives change from something you see to something you believe. And fascination is transformed into professional careers in art and design.

This is opportunity. As you look through this website, perhaps your perspective will also change. Take a look at MIAD and see if we match your vision of education. And things may never look the same.

The Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design (MIAD) is an accredited college providing Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees in the fields of Communication Design, Illustration, Industrial Design, Interior Architecture + Design, and New Studio Practice: Fine Art. We prepare students with interest and ability in the visual arts for passage into professional careers. We're not a trade school. We're a college that launches professional artists and designers on their personal journeys toward artistic growth and successful, creative lives. We were founded as MIAD in 1974, but formed from the Layton School of Art & Design, which began instruction in 1920. There are, on average, about 700 full-time MIAD students and about 200 staff/faculty. The student/faculty ratio is 16:1. All faculty are working artists, designers, writers and researchers; there are also instructors who are working professionals.