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miad-define-2013-web-1“An eye-opening experience for those eager to learn.”

That’s how Amber Petrouske ’13 (Industrial Design) described the Third Annual MIAD DEFINE on April 24.

Throughout this day of interaction spanning all disciplines, students and faculty led panels fueling discussions; seniors offered insights into their work and process for the 2013 Senior Exhibition; and MIAD’s halls buzzed with inquiry from students, faculty and staff.

miad-define-2013-web-2Sessions such as “Poetry at Play: Unlocking Creativity Through Writing Games” were guided entirely by students, as students and staff members created and shared poems and drawings.

Others among the 20 offered included “Interactivity: A Revolution of the Senses,” an open discussion of the trending of technology toward incorporating interactive elements within education and entertainment, and how it has affected the general population’s outlook on art as a whole. This session was led by Stefanie Davis ’13, faculty members Jamal Currie, Stacy Williams-Ng, Leslie Fedorchuk and Chair of Foundations Lynn Tomaszewski.

miad-define-2013-web-3Freshmen, sophomore and juniors met with seniors to discuss the work in the Senior Exhibition, as well as to seek advice on majors and course electives. Alex Newton ’13 (Communication Design) said, “So much of this senior project is a learning experience. I’m just trying to help give that experience.”

Students also had the chance to participate in A Conversation with James Ludwig – vice president of global design at Steelcase Inc. and visiting creative for the MIAD Creativity Series. Ludwig met with students who incorporated the MIAD+GE Healthcare Compassion Project into their thesis work.

“MIAD DEFINE is about how we as an art and design college identify ourselves,” said Vice President of Academic Affairs David Martin. “Curious artists and designers who are interested in learning about what each other are doing and how we might grow as professionals.”

Images by Mark Fetherston