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Kyle DienerThe end of fall semester meant the start of MIAD’s Student Union revamp for Kyle Diener ’12.

Interior Architecture and Design major, President of Student Government and a manager at the Union, Diener said the project shows the impact students can have at MIAD.

“I’m trying to show students we can make change, and our change is very valid in the college,” Diener said.

The project also illustrates how students across fine art and design majors interact both inside and outside the studios.

Communication Design majors Sarah Church  ’12 and Abby Lindstrom ’11, Abigail Malesytcki  (Integrated Studio Arts ’12), Katelin Batten (Drawing ’12), Benjamin Christianson (Painting ’13), Phillip Moody (Photography ’13) and Associate Director of Campus Life Ricky Heldt assisted Diener with the project.

Through their hard work, and with the support of Student Union employees and the Student Government, the space was transformed within a week.

Notable changes include new furniture, new lights, a chalkboard wall, a flat-screen TV and a new menu.

Diener said he wanted the space to reflect a clean, more professional atmosphere but still feel like a coffee shop.

He said he sees the new Union as even more of a gathering space.

“To me, the Union is the headquarters for the student body, and hopefully a change everyone can see will boost student involvement,” Diener said.

For more photos, visit the MIAD Student Union on Facebook.