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Work in progress, Chayse ToayIt’s tax time. But for Integrated Studio Arts sophomores and juniors from Professor Jason S. Yi’s Integration/Intersection course, Friday, April 15, marks an exhibition of their work at the Milwaukee Art Museum’s MAM after Dark: Tax MAM.

The exhibition, from 5 – 11 p.m., is part of the museum’s highly celebrated MAM after Dark series.

“For inspirations for their work, the students participated in several Skype conversations with artists participating in MAM’s current exhibition, ‘The New Materiality: Digital Dialogues at the Boundaries of Contemporary Craft,’ said Yi, who is also chairs MIAD’s Foundations program.

Participating students are Alexis Auvert, Katie Batten, Cheryl Casden, Karissa Dunn, Amanda Gatton, Benjamin Grauer, Ryan McVeigh, Britta Naslund, Lucy Ruiz, Jessi Schleis, Elise Thomm and Chayse Toay.

On Saturday, April 16, students and artists will converge at the museum for a critique of the students’ work. Participating critique artists include: Donald Fortesque (San Francisco), Lawrence LaBianca (San Francisco), Christy Matson (Chicago) and Tim Tate (Washington, D.C.).

Work in progress, Elise Thomm

Images: Top: Work in progress, Chayse Toay
Lower: Work in progress, Elise Thomm