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sls-13-carrie-fitzgerald--webSean Simmons ’13 (Industrial Design) is known for sharing his compassion both in the studio and in the community.

Carrie Fitzgerald, senior director of health policy at First Focus in Washington, D.C., presented at the Service Learning Symposium, March 29, and discussed her belief that compassion should be an essential component of everyone’s work. This year’s honoree for exemplary service, Simmons completed his service at Sweet Water Organics and was integral in the Compassion Project.

Simmons has always been drawn to help people thanks to the strong influence of his family. His mother teaches special education, his father instilled in him a strong work ethic and multiple relatives are doctors. He also incorporated the idea of compassionate action into his work for the 2013 Senior Exhibition.

sean-simmons-headshot-webVice President of Academic Affairs David Martin said, “Sean has been a leader in the Compassion Project that has involved over 300 students…. You are not only doing good in the MIAD community, you are impacting the broader community.”

Looking at compassion as a driver for his future, Simmons said, “I want to be someone people can talk to. I have such an interest in caring for people thanks to my family.”

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Top image: Carrie Fitzgerald
Bottom image: Sean Simmons ’13 (Industrial Design)