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2006-07 Scholarship Luncheon thanks donors, honors students

MIAD held its annual Scholarship Luncheon on October 25 to honor donors to the 2006-07 Scholarship Fund and scholarship recipients. The luncheon also provided an opportunity for donors and students to meet and get to know one another.

  • View list of scholarship donors and recipients.

Why are scholarships so important?

  • 92% of MIAD students receive financial support through scholarships and other forms of aid.
  • 80% of MIAD graduates choose to live and work in Wisconsin, contributing a vital brain gain to the state that shapes its economic and creative future.
  • 90% of MIAD graduates are employed within their first year of graduation and report employment satisfaction.
  • Employment in many creative industries is growing faster than the labor force and makes up 30% of the workforce by some estimates.

For these reasons and more, an investment in MIAD students is an investment in our community, our economy and our future.

For more information on MIAD’s Scholarship Fund, call Development Director
La Vang at 414‑847‑3237.

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