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Personal Identity (Names/Pronouns)

Identity is fluid and meant to adapt to fit how we hope to present ourselves. With that, a community member may feel that their name does not reflect their identity. Name changes (legal or chosen) are supported at MIAD and can be reflected in a community member’s MIAD email address, class rosters, and ID cards.


Students: Students should go to OneLogin and submit the “Name Change” form (must be on campus and connected to MIAD’s internet to access OneLogin). This will start the name change process.

There are specific instances where a MIAD employee may need to use your legal name. Legal names must be used for:

  • Enrollment verification
  • Official transcripts
  • Financial aid and student financial accounts
  • Student employment, and
  • Any other documentation that is tied to a student’s social security number

Students can receive (upon request as detailed above) an alias email with an alternate name. Alternate names can be used in all other cases including MIAD ID cards, student directory, and class rosters. Any legal documentation of a name change should be given to the Registrar’s Office to properly reflect those changed. If you are interested in learning how to legally change your name as a Wisconsin Resident, you can find more info here!


Employees: In order to submit a name change, an email must be sent to HR ( or with the subject line “Name Change.” Shortly after HR receives this email (within 72 hours), IT will complete any changes necessary to have your preferred name be reflected in your email. Questions around this topic can come up, and HR is here to support you as you navigate them.