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MIAD proudly introduces New Studio Practice, a revolutionized fine arts program continuing the MIAD studio tradition while enhancing skill and concept-based learning and strong faculty mentoring and advising in professional preparation.

Beginning in fall 2015, MIAD will offer New Studio Practice, a revitalized undergraduate education that prepares students to be outstanding artists and art citizens. Grounded in the tradition of rigorous and committed studio practices, and enhanced by innovative approaches to marrying skill and concept in the creative world, New Studio Practice creates a context for contemporary creative thinking and making. Interdisciplinary exploration and integrated learning of fine art media – disciplines in drawing, painting, photography, printmaking, and sculpture – are supported by an increased emphasis on professional preparation and practice under the guidance of outstanding faculty mentoring and advising.

New Studio Practice arms students not only through dedicated, impassioned study of media, concept, and ideas, but through a core of shared experiences in seminars, contemporary theory and practice, and the year-long senior thesis investigation. Our students learn through reflected inquiry – the acts of making, problem-solving, and active critique with one another. New Studio Practice aligns authentic fine arts education with the needs of contemporary student artists, culturally and creatively. It reaffirms the standard by which our students create, now and in the future.

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