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coexist-eun-sil-hunA collage of energy fills MIAD for Fall Gallery Night, as two exhibitions open, the Brooks@20 continues its anniversary celebration and a book signing is held for the highly acclaimed “Layton’s Legacy.”

Opening Gallery Night, October 18
coexist-logoOpening Friday, October 18, Co/exist: New Sensibilities in Collage explores modern approaches to collage. The classic approach to collage is an additive process, combining objects or textures within the defined sphere of an artwork. Current methods are more defined by the digital realm and a shift in the definition and cultural boundaries of art. 

The artists in this exhibition – on view through December 7 in the Frederick Layton Gallery – represent different directions to this new sensibility of collage, yet they all share a separation from the parameters of modernist inquiry.

coexist-eyetrace-detail-currieParticipating artists include: Jessica Bell, Hollie Chastain, Paul Cowan ’07, Jamal Currie (Time-Based Media assistant professor), Virginia Echeverria Whipple, Eva Eun-Sil Hun, Ben Grant, Jason Rohlf, T.L. Solien, Nathaniel Stern (with collaborator Jessica Meuninck-Ganger), Drew Tyndell, Eddie Villanueva and Michael Villaquette.

Also opening on Friday, October 18, GraceMarie Keaton & Sheila Wagner, Samantha Bittman & Francisco Cordero-Oceguera features artists from Chicago and Minneapolis. On view in the Entrance & River Level Galleries through December 7, this curated show is presented by Swim Team, a collaborative group originating from MIAD that aims to generate new dialogue within an arts context.

The works by the four emerging artists were selected by location and media. According to the curators, they “highlight a regional pulse of contemporary two-dimensional form, striking a balance between painting and installation while providing an homage to the histories of each media.”

Gallery-Night-only book signing
layton-book-coverMIAD Chair of 3D Design/architectural historian Eric Vogel will hold a book signing from 6 – 8 p.m. in MIAD’s Board Room Fall Gallery Night, joined by local historian John Eastberg. Vogel and Eastberg co-authored the well-received “Layton’s Legacy: A Historic American Art Collection, 1888 – 2013.”

Layton’s Legacy reflects on Frederick Layton, one of the first art collectors in America to fund a purpose-built civic art gallery for the public’s use and enjoyment, the Layton Art Gallery, which was closely affiliated with the Layton School of Art – MIAD’s predecessor college. Click here to read more about this five-year project – a fully illustrated documentation of the 125-year history of the Layton Art Collection.

On view at MIAD
brooks20-logoThe Brooks@20 celebrates the pioneering efforts of this gallery to increase public awareness of design and fostering designers’ contemporary role in the c-suite. Director of Galleries Mark Lawson recalled an elementary-school tour years ago, “One young boy looked at the design artifacts after I had explained the role of an industrial designer and stated, ‘I thought they just came out of a tube.'”

Read more about the Brooks@20 and the exhibits that have fostered a much better understanding of the contributions of industrial designers. 


Top image: Eva Eun-Sil Han, Co/exist
Second image: Jamal Currie, Co/exist