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MIAD Values Recognition Award

Jul 8, 2022

MIAD’s community of faculty and staff consistently model the values we honor. The service and dedication they give every day in support of MIAD’s mission is what makes our students and the college successful. Amongst these ongoing efforts, there are also instances where employees make unique or superior contributions that demonstrate our values. Often, these contributions go unseen except by one’s closest colleagues.

To facilitate broader acknowledgement and to express gratitude, senior staff has instituted a monthly MIAD Values Recognition Award. MIAD employees are encouraged to nominate their colleagues using the form below. One nominee will be chosen each month for recognition on our social media and web platforms, and will receive a monetary award of $250.00. Nominations will be reviewed and recipients chosen by a committee comprising equal numbers of faculty and staff. The VPAA convenes the committee and gathers votes, but is not a voting member. Employees recognized for their exemplary personification of MIAD values will become members of the committee the following month, replacing the longest serving member that matches their identification as faculty or staff. Nominations will remain active for 6 months.

MIAD Values Recognition Award

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