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Type Portrait – Tangible Type Exhibition



Dates: January 15 – March 5, 2021
Location: Brooks Stevens Gallery (View in person by appointment only. Contact Mark Lawson at or 414-847-3350 to schedule an appointment.) Virtual exhibition coming soon.

Yeohyun Ahn

Work by Yeohyun Ahn

TYPE Portrait – Tangible TYPE, featuring the work of Yeohyun Ahn and Teokyeom Lee, explores the symbiotic relationship of technology, design and typography. Typography, often an invisible art form behind human language, dates back to the birth of written language. Today, digital cameras, 3D printing and other emerging technologies provide new opportunities for innovation and exploration.

Yeohyun Ahn presents a series of generative typography as self-portraits, which convey her response to her sense of invisibility as a woman of color. Ahn started this project in 2015 to raise awareness of Asian female faculty being isolated and marginalized in a predominantly white institution of America. Ahn’s work uses diverse typefaces to convey feelings and thoughts, and shows possibilities for using  the personality of each typeface for expressive and visually appealing generative selfies.

Teokyeom Lee explores groundbreaking developments of 3D printing in many fields, including typography. Lee’s work aims to orchestrate innovative and unique typographic experiences with 3D printing technology.