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Describing a “visionary gift to MIAD from the well-respected Tory Folliard Gallery,” President Robert Rindler has announced that MIAD and the gallery have joined in a new, annual collaboration — the Tory Folliard Gallery Project. The project will provide MIAD students with an insider’s view into the art business and a juried opportunity for one student to exhibit at the gallery. This year, the gallery exhibit will be from April 21 – May 13.

“This opportunity is most welcomed in helping our students transition into the world of professional exhibitions and to convey that there is a place for artists in Milwaukee’s social and entrepreneurial landscape, in which MIAD graduates, and the gallery, play such a vital role,” said Rindler.

An educational and juried process supported by the gallery and MIAD’s Fine Arts Senior Seminar has already resulted in the selection by MIAD faculty of five finalists from among 15 senior painting majors. The finalists are: Benjamin Bowman, Kendra Barron, Caitlin Carroll, Elizabeth DeDecker and Stephen Hambsch. Gallery staff will interview the finalists and view their work at their MIAD studios before announcing the 2006 Tory Folliard Gallery Project Recipient in early March. The recipient’s work will be part of the April 21 Gallery Night exhibit at the Tory Folliard Gallery as well as at MIAD’s 2006 Graduate Exhibition.

“We look forward to working with MIAD on this exciting project,” said gallery owner Tory Folliard. “It will provide a unique exhibition opportunity for the student and the gallery in showcasing and supporting new talent.”