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A Passion for Creating that’s “no joke.”

Max Estes
BFA Communication Design | 1999
Children’s book and graphic novel author and illustrator
Fredrikstad, Viken, Norway


“Don’t be afraid to run full force toward what you want to do most with your art.”

Writer. Illustrator. Teacher.

Max Estes

Max Estes

Max Estes does it all. Growing up, Estes was surrounded by art and creativity (Max’s mom wrote choose-your-own-adventure books that were mostly medieval fantasy novels, and Max’s stepdad created sci-fi board games like “Snit’s Revenge” and “The Awful Green Things From Outer Space”). Now, on his own creative journey, Estes just published his first graphic novel, with the second following this Spring. He works in his studio as much as possible conceptualizing, writing, and illustrating graphic novels, children’s books, and comics. Estes is currently pursuing a Master of Fine Arts degree so that he can teach illustration and sequential art courses in the future.

Cover for Hello Again, Estes' first graphic novel

Estes’ first graphic novel

Q. What did you think you wanted to be when you grew up?

A. I didn’t really think about it much. I just knew I’d go to art school.

Q. What was the most valuable thing you learned at MIAD?

A. You don’t stop learning when you leave the campus. It’s not just classrooms and assignments; your college experience spans far beyond the campus walls. You take your lessons with you onto the streets, into your life.

Q. What’s the one thing you would tell a high school student who is considering attending MIAD now that you’ve experienced life after graduation?

A. Don’t be afraid to run full force toward what you want to do most with your art. You can make a living doing most anything with enough passion put forth.

Q. Please define how you saw your major while you were in school, and how that definition has changed over the years.

A. I graduated with a Bachelors in Communication Design, but upon graduation, I found that I was more interested in design theory as opposed to the graphic design industry (i.e. a 9 to 5 design job). I learned to take what I wanted from my background in graphic design and apply it to my illustration/cartooning career.



Estes’ new book, Nattman