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Jackie Berndt’s (Communication Design ’10) winning designs for the Milwaukee County Historical Society’s (MCHS) logo design competition were unveiled April 26, 2010 at the society’s annual recognition banquet at the Pfister Hotel, which celebrated the society’s 75th anniversary. Berndt had been working on logos as an intern with Laughlin Constable her senior year at MIAD, after the marketing communications firm saw her work at the Wisconsin State Portfolio Review. She submitted three designs to the Historical Society’s competition, two of which were among the three finalists selected by a local panel. From there a public vote was held over a ten-day period.

Berndt said, “They’ll be using a the ‘75th anniversary’ logo for the rest of 2010 and the ‘Since 1935’ logo that will hopefully be used for the next 75 years!”
She described her internship experience at Laughlin Constable as “amazing. Right away they trusted me with jobs based on my portfolio. I worked on logo designs for the Harley-Davidson Museum, several things for McDonalds and the Ronald McDonald house, and an invitation for the ALS Foundation. MIAD definitely helped prepare me for these experiences. ”

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