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image | MIADMIAD Industrial Design students took second and third place in the 2015 Association of Regional Molders (ARM) product competition. With Adam Carter’s ’16 Lightspine Design taking second and Bennett Westling’s ’16 Cella Design taking third.

ARM’s student design competition promotes the use of rotational molding as a tool for design and engineering students, encouraging the use of rotational molding in student’s education. 


image | MIAD

ARM is a worldwide trade association that serves as the primary voice of the rotational molding industry, focusing on the needs of designers, customers, educators, suppliers, employees and regulators. 

In addition, Adam Carter ’16, Ben Gall ’16, Emelie Troedson ’16 and Jackie Edwards ’15 recieved honorable mentions in Winsell Inc.’s 2015 Product Design Competition


Image 1: Adam Carter, Sola-rail, solar lighting fixture
Image 2: Bennet Westling, Cella, multifunctional outdoor seating