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Green may not be a primary color, but it is the primary reason MIAD is benefiting from the expertise of community partners to make better use of the college’s resources and help protect the environment.

As part of MIAD’s goal to develop a comprehensive plan to make the college “greener” and more energy-efficient, experts from Johnson Controls, WE Energies and other engineering consultants are continuing to assess the lighting, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) currently in operation, and are identifying potential tactics to reduce the college’s energy consumption, including renewable energy options.

Wisconsin’s Focus on Energy program, which has already supported some of these efforts, provides practical ways to implement and improve energy strategies, suggests energy tips that are no- or low-cost and offers staff training on energy efficiency. In addition to benefiting the environment, these strategies will result in reduced costs to the college.

All of us contribute to the consumption of energy and other resources, and each of us is also part of the solution. That’s why the broader MIAD community – students, faculty and staff – is working together toward improving the college’s energy use, work environment and “green” habits.

To get involved, students may contact Jenny Krantz, MIAD Director of Facilities Planning, at 414‑847‑3331.