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Fine Arts students collaborate with Veteran Print Project to create large-scale woodblock prints

Dec 15, 2021

MIAD students recently unveiled prints at the Milwaukee County War Memorial Center that they created in collaboration with the Veteran Print Project. The large-scale prints were inspired by stories of local veterans.

The project was part of the MIAD course, “Approaches to Making: Art & Community,” taught by Professor Rina Yoon. The class helps foster connections between MIAD students and local organizations. In early September, students talked with four local veterans organizations – Milwaukee Soldiers Home, Vets on Frets, Milwaukee VA Recreation Therapy and Feast of Crispian – and met at the Milwaukee Soldiers Home to exchange stories and ideas. Students also toured the War Memorial Center. 

Throughout the fall semester, students worked in four groups to artistically interpret the diverse experiences and perspectives of the four veterans organizations in the form of printmaking. Each group carved a three-panel series of woodblocks. Finished prints were presented in early December to the veterans who inspired their creation. 

Students artists included Clare Bacciocco ’24, Gregory Baranyk ’24, Zoe Fingers ’24, Grey Higginbotham ’24, Jada Hendricks ’24, Lee Judilla ’24, Chloe Lewandowski ’25, Kaitlynn Lyzenga ’24, Jadelyn Martinez ’24, Tito Munoz, Jr. ’24, Grace Ranz ’24, Mary Wetterling ’24 and Fi Zellinger ’24. Yvette Pino, founder and director of the Veteran Print Project and curator of veteran art at the Wisconsin Veterans Museum, and MIAD alum Maria Alfaro ’20 also contributed to the artwork.

Veterans Print Project 2021

Jadelyn Martinez ’24, Tito Munoz, Jr. ’24, Mary Wetterling ’24, Kaitlynn Lyzenga ’24 and Lee Judilla ’24 created the print for Milwaukee VA Recreation Therapy

Veterans Print Project 2021

Students and alum Maria Alfaro ’20, Jada Hendricks ’24, Fi Zellinger ’24 and Clare Bacciocco ’24 created the print for Feast of Crispian


Veterans Print Project 2021

Gregory Baranyk ’24, Grey Higginbotham ’24 and Grace Ranz ’24 created the print for Milwaukee Soldiers Home


Veterans Print Project 2021

MIAD students Zoe Fingers ’24 (NSP) and Chloe Lewandowski ’25, along with Yvette Pino created the print for Vets on Frets