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Zuhal Feraidon is a multidisciplinary artist. She received her undergraduate degree in Studio Arts from The University of Virginia (UVA) and her MFA in Painting from The Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). Her work is exhibited locally, nationally, and internationally; with select exhibitions in the United States including Hawthorn Contemporary Gallery in Milwaukee, Monya Rowe Gallery and Field Projects Gallery in New York City, Glendale Central Library California, The Rhode Island Convention Center, and IX Art Park Virginia among others. Her work has been featured by The University of Edinburgh’s The Institute of Advanced Studies in the Humanities in Scotland, U.K. She has been published in a book titled “The Art of Being Dangerous: Exploring Women and Danger through Creative Expression” by Leuven University Press in Belgium. She is a member of Women Forward International’s Arts Advisory Committee and Counsel based in Washington, DC. She is a recipient of The Aunspaugh Fellowship and the Association of Independent Colleges of Art & Design Fellowship. 

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