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Sarah Eichhorn

Sarah Eichhorn

Sarah is a fiber artist and sustainable living advocate based in Milwaukee, WI. She received her BFA in Fashion Design from the International Academy of Design and Technology in Chicago, and her MFA in Costume Design from Florida State University.

Sarah is drawn to creating pieces of art that utilize natural colors and fibers while pushing herself towards zero waste with her materials. She has led various workshops on natural dye and eco-printing techniques, as well as facilitated lectures on sustainable fashion. Through her personal practice, Sarah hopes to inspire others to consider where their coloring comes from and how we can collectively become more invested in the clothes we wear.

Aside from her formal fashion and costume background she is also an avid urban gardener and homesteader.

Naturally dyed silk with indigo, bundle dyed linen, silk thread

Sarah Eichhorn, “Brain Fog.” Image courtesy of the artist.

Naturally dyed onion skins on silk, wool, and organic cotton

Sarah Eichhorn, “Onion Skin Samples.” Image courtesy of the artist.

Sawtooth dress made of organic cotton broadcloth.

Sarah Eichhorn, “Sawtooth Dress,” 2016. Image courtesy of the artist.