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Sadler headshotGregory Sadler has taught and designed courses in Philosophy, Humanities, Religious Studies, Literature, and Critical Thinking for over 20 years. He teaches the “Introduction to Humanities” course, and a number of humanities electives at MIAD including: “Philosophy, Mindfulness, and Life”; “Existentialist Philosophy and Literature”; “Ethics for Artists and Designers”; “Religions of the World,” and “Philosophies of Human Nature”.

He has taught in a number of settings including private colleges and universities, state universities, innovative online startups, specialized professional schools, and even maximum- and medium-security prisons. He has been designing and teaching hybrid and completely online courses for eleven years. In his academic career, Greg has also held academic leadership positions, facilitated faculty development, designed and oversaw assessment of student learning, and developed models for multidisciplinary collaboration.

Originally from the area, but having worked and studied elsewhere for two decades, Greg and his partner Andi returned to Milwaukee in 2015, and are very happy to be back in their hometown. They have organized humanities- and philosophy-centered groups, events, and lecture series in the Greater Milwaukee area. Greg also partners with several local libraries and clubs to provide popular talks and discussions on philosophy. These include the monthly Worlds of Speculative Fiction series, the monthly Philosophy Eats series, and the Philosophers in the Midst of History quarterly series.

Greg holds an M.A. (1997) and a Ph.D. (2002) in Philosophy from Southern Illinois University Carbondale. He has held a Faculty Fellowship with Notre Dame University’s Erasmus Institute (2005), studying models of practical reasoning (under Alasdair MacIntyre). He has also been a Charles Chesnutt Library Fellow, studying information literacy (2009-2010) and a Service Learning Fellow with the Center for Community Justice and Service Learning (2010-2011), applying pedagogy of service learning to Critical Thinking classes and curricula. More recently, he was a Visiting Scholar at European Graduate School (2014) a Visiting Researcher at the Institute for Saint Anselm Studies (2015), and a participant in the LEAP Institute Workshop (2023).

His scholarly publishing to date includes one book, two edited volumes, and dozens of book chapters, articles, and encyclopedia entries, and his work spans the history of Western philosophy, discussing thinkers from Plato to Derrida. He also engages in writing about philosophy and other related topics for more popular audiences.

Working to make philosophy more publicly accessible, Greg regularly appears as a guest on podcasts and radio shows, and has done television appearances. He has provided invited lectures and workshops a venues and institutions in the US, Canada, Great Britain, and Australia. He is a team member of the Modern Stoicism organization the editor of Stoicism Today from 2016-2022, and co-organizer of the international Stoicons in 2021 and 2022. His main YouTube channel, devoted to philosophy has over 140,000 subscribers and his videos have been watched over 13 million times. His podcast Sadler’s Lectures makes audio versions of his talks available as well.

Greg also puts philosophy into practice through his private practice, ReasonIO (“Reason It Out”). After completing his training and certification with the American Philosophical Practitioners Association in 2014, he has worked with individuals and organizations as a philosophical counselor, an executive leadership coach, and as an ethics and organizational consultant.  

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