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tomaszewski-fac-webAn opportunity to share the passions that inspire MIAD faculty as visual artists and educators. From traditional media used in innovative ways to 21st century technologies and themes, the works invite dialogue and discussion among students, their faculty members and the public.

“With 11 majors, and a faculty whose members span the newly joined to those at the college since its founding, diversity of vision and approach is the dominant characteristic of this year’s faculty exhibition.” – Mark Lawson, Director of Galleries

The Faculty Exhibition was featured in the Third Coast Digest Sept. 8, 2012.

Participating faculty include:

  • Breehan James, a new full-time faculty member who has shown her work internationally and is represented by Larissa Goldston Gallery in New York City.
  • Lynn Tomaszewski, Chair of Foundations, is also currently showing “Laws of Nature” at the Racine Arts Council. “Laws of Nature” recognizes contemporary female artists as visual mediators engaged in scientific dialogue.
  • Bob Smith, Chair of Fine Arts, will show his piece, “Oil Production Kazakhstan,” an Inkjet, photo image.  

Additional participating faculty include: Tim Abel, James Barany, Rosalie Beck, Christine Beetow, Phil Belair, Joe Boblick, Tyanna Buie, Paul Caster, Larry Chatman, Zoë Darling, Michael Davidson, Waldek Dynerman, Polly Ewens-Caster, Leslie Fedorchuk, Jan Feldhausen, Wesley Friedrich, Christiane Grauert, Bruce Grudzinski, Steve Horvath, Richard Knight, Jill Lanza, Carolyn Long, Shana McCaw, Kimberly Miller, Ashley Morgan, Tom Noffsinger, Jessica O’Hearn, Annushka Gisella Peck, Will Pergl, Carol Schwartz, Jim Slauson, Bob Smith, Melissa Wagner-Lawler, Shane Walsh, Christopher Willey and Rina Yoon.

View a preview of the exhibition on flickr.
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Top image: Lynn Tomaszewski, “Hive 1”
Second image: Bob Smith, “Oil Production Kazakhstan”