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kevin-christian-headshot-webKevin Christian ’16 knows that seeking professional feedback can have unintended consequences – like having his digital art samples selected for inclusion in an international juried online exhibit “Simply the Best 2,” presented by Digital Arts: California.

christian-a-gummy-mess-webChristian became intrigued by Digital Arts: California while researching digital art communities. “I submitted an email inquiry and attached two pieces of my recent digital art, seeing if I could get some type of feedback. They responded within a couple of days asking me to submit to their professional exhibition.”

He was one of the youngest 78 participants selected from a competitive field of digital artists and photographers from 27 countries. Bill Kowalsky from Digital Arts: California said, “Kevin’s brilliant work, including ‘Destruction Boy,’ ‘Fun Boy’ and ‘Beautifully Alluring,’ highlights his creative talents in digital arts, collage and acrylic painting.”

Cchristian-beautifully-alluring-webhristian was surprised he was accepted into the digital exhibition to show alongside professional digital artists, “This exhibition was about submitting ‘Simply the Best’ work thus far. It was truly an inspiring motivating moment and terrific ending to my Foundations year at MIAD.”

See Christian’s work in Simply the Best 2.


Top image: Kevin Christian ’16
Second image: “A Gummy Mess”
Third image: “Beautifully Alluring”