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waraksa-head-shot-webThree Potawatomi Bingo Casino commercials, currently airing and designed by Nick Waraksa ’04 (Communication Design), a partner at Blend Studios, and the Blend Studios team, were awarded a Chicago/Midwest Emmy for Outstanding Achievement in Commercials – Campaign late in 2011.

Waraksa and the Blend Studios team coordinated closely with Otto Rammer, also a Blend Studios partner, to create the series of commercials for Potawatomi. Blend Studios handled the motion graphics and design of the commercials.

“Winning an Emmy has been a huge honor,” says Waraksa. “We enjoy making beautiful things at Blend and strive for conviction within our work. This award helps validate the excellence of work we strive to be known for.”

waraksa-emmy-image-webNot only was Waraksa’s creativity rewarded with an Emmy, he recently was nominated for a two-year board position for Adworkers, a close-knit group of local advertisers, production professionals, students and those interested in propaganda art.

Waraksa adds, “These acknowledgements will help us as we push toward future goals; we are very grateful for this award.”

Top image: Nick Waraksa ’04 (CD)
Bottom image: Blending of a still from a commercial with the Emmy, designed by Waraksa

View the Craps commercial.
View the Blackjack commercial.
View the Slots commercial.

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