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gilling-head-shot-webFeatured in an international design magazine. Adrian Gilling ’10 (Communication Design) can now add that to his list of accomplishments, having been named one of HOW magazine’s “16 inspiring young creatives.”

Being chosen is no act of luck. In Gilling’s case, his work submitted itself.

“I didn’t submit anything. I’ve gotten a lot of exposure on different websites; my work has been reblogged,” Gilling explains.

Gilling’s design work has appeared on multiple times, which he describes as amazing, especially since one of his favorite designs popped up on the blog.

“I did a box packaging project for a clothing company, Lewis & Co. It was a basic package with a gold logo and tuxedo pleating with the paper. That was one of my favorites because of the simplicity and textual elements.”

lewis-and-co-webGilling believes in thoughtful, meaningful design, which is critical to understanding his aesthetic. “I design with the product in mind, and I don’t really utilize elements that are just for design’s sake. Every element I choose to incorporate in a design I feel should incorporate back into the design.”

Finding inspiration for a design is a result of Gilling’s passion, and the passion he sees in fellow designers. “I think my designer friends are some of the best resources.”

“And, I have had great teachers at MIAD who have really inspired me through their passion. I feed off that, as well as off of other students in college – always being around other designers who have a passion for it.”

And his passion has come full circle, as Gilling happily returns to MIAD to teach. “I love MIAD. I always have. I love the energy.”

ldonatelle-tea-webSurrounding himself with others who share his zeal for design strongly motivated his professional and academic choices, as he originally studied at a public university with larger class sizes and less interaction with the professors. “When I transferred to MIAD from a public university, that’s when it really clicked. I had people around me who were extremely, extremely talented, and my friends pushed me to be better than myself.”

Gilling’s teaching won’t slow down designing though, as he continues to freelance and await the future. “I do really take things as they come; it’s been kind of a natural progression. Things have happened really quickly, and I’m really grateful for that.”


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Top image: Adrian Gilling
Second image: Packaging design for Lewis & Co.
Bottom image: Packaging design for L’Donatellé Tea