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Call for Session Proposals
FATE and MIAD invite you to submit a paper for a panel discussion at the Biennial FATE Conference in 2007. We are interested in papers that deal with the theme, “Shift • Connect • Evolve,” as well as relevancy to panel discussion topic. Educators dealing with the introductory college level as well as educators at the advanced high school level have insights to share. Faculty, Teaching Assistants, and Administrators are encouraged to participate.

The following is a list of panels that are accepting papers. The session chairs’ contact information is accessible by clicking on the theme heading for any particular grouping. For an expanded description of the panel, please contact the session chair.

SHIFT (Click here for expanded information about the “Shift” panels)
Assess, Situate, Disperse – Addressing Diversity of Artistic Approaches in Foundations
Everything is Appropriated in a Post Modern World
Fostering Successful Art Students: Helicopter parents and other hazards
Fostering the New Millenial in the New Learning Environment
Silencing the Pronounced: Light, sound, motion

CONNECT (Click here for expanded information about the “Connect” panels)
Assessing Assessment: The role of evaluation in the foundations program
Bridge-Building: Art education connections from high school
Collaboration in Formative Years
Cross Cultural Aesthetics
Social Software for Learning Communities
The Museum Assignment: Bridging art history research and studio practice
Writing Across the Curriculum: Critical thinking from the start

EVOLVE (Click here for expanded information about the “Evolve” panels)
Foundations Plugged and Unplugged
Reflections of an Endangered Species: The importance of traditional studio training in an age that privileges collaborative, cutting-edge programs of non-hierarchical, contextualized, interdisciplinary, integrative, theory dependant, multi-cultural, issue oriented, community sensitive, multivocal, technologically oriented, intermedia studies that sometimes include a visual component
Studio Art Textbooks – Remnants of Past Tools for a New Generation
Technology, Inquiry, and Anything Goes! New Approaches to Teaching Foundations Art History

Making a Paper Proposal
Submission deadline is September 25, 2006 and must be sent to the session chair. Notification of panel selection will be sent no later than October 16, 2006.

Proposal must contain the following:
1. Title of Paper
2. Name of Submitter
3. Institutional Affiliation
4. Paper Description
(A one-page summary that outlines the focus and objectives of the session)

Criteria for Selection
Participants are advised to limit their participation to no more than two presentations, panels, or workshops during this conference. They may chair a session in addition to giving a paper or being on a panel.
1. All presenters/participants must be members of FATE
2. Interpretation of the conference theme and relevance to panel topic
3. Level of interest to other foundations level educators

Selection Process
Panel participants/papers will be decided by the individual session chair. Session chairs are named in the description of each panel listed above.

Submitting Your Proposal
We prefer and encourage submission in electronic format.