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Despite frigid February temperatures, 15 pairs of Big Brothers and Big Sisters gathered at MIAD recently to make large-scale collaborative drawings and collages with the gentle guidance of MIAD student volunteers.

Junior Kari McIntyre, leader of the Community Awareness Team, organized the event through Big Brothers Big Sisters, with the assistance of senior Chad Dodds. MIAD students Jamison Burish, Sophie Coldewey, Liz DeDecker, Becky Geurink, Alexandra Kusick, Allyson Lassiter, Yvonne Lopez, Shane Stoffel, Katie Vickers and Alana Villarreal joined them.

Following an introduction to Romare Beardon’s collaborative art making by Kari and Chad, the “Littles” were encouraged to close their eyes and draw on large paper, while the “Bigs” cut out colorful shapes and located images from magazines. Once the foundation (“blind”) drawings were finished, the “Bigs” and “Littles” worked as teams to create a new whole with the guidance of a MIAD student matched to their team.

The “Littles,” ranging in age from 6-13, worked in full, fierce concentration with joyous curiosity, for 90 minutes, adding to the day’s infectious and creative spirit.

Thanks to Kari and Chad, and also to Ricky Heldt, who served as greeter, guide and photographer.