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Yisheng Organic Brand Strategy

Sean O’Leary & Mary Diaz ’04
Co-Founders at Babel Lab LLC,

We started Babel Lab in 2010 out of our home office in Minneapolis. Since then, our work has evolved to incorporate brand design, marketing, photojournalism, business strategy, and product development. Our aim was to build a creative business that would grow and change with our family. Over the past few years we’ve taken our work around the world, most recently to Hong Kong where we helped develop and launch an Organic & Fair Trade certified tea company. We had an adventurous two years abroad, and recently resettled our business and home in the San Francisco Bay Area with our children.

We’re currently working on some exciting new projects including building a brand for a sustainable seafood restaurant & fish market, product development and marketing for the leading day spa in San Francisco, and creating a new, spiritually inspired lifestyle brand.