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Kyle Nesbitt

BFA Industrial Design
Designer, Albéa, Paris, France

Kyle Nesbitt is a designer at Albéa where he works across multiple design concentrations in the field of cosmetics and personal care. His work includes product design for new concepts, communication design and illustration for promotional materials, time-based media, and market/trend research. Much of Nesbitt’s work involves design projects for the largest cosmetics companies in the world.

MIAD prepared me well for my design career by emphasizing the importance of having a diverse skill set. I’ve taken on many projects that would have been difficult to complete without the wide variety of subjects I studied at MIAD, including figure drawing, color theory, graphic design, and more. My experience at MIAD gave me the drive and problem-solving abilities to take on any type of design project, and I continue to discover new benefits of my education.”

Albea products

See the work of Albéa at ALBEA-GROUP.COM.


Bottanuco posters. 2015. Promotional work for the Bottanuco, Italy office describing Albéa’s innovation process. Digital.
O2 Wall Tube artwork for product samples. 2015. Digital
WED logo. 2015. Digital.
Albea Connect prototype. 2015. Digital.