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Michael Scott Murphy“The Alumni of the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design” recently completed its run at the Portage Center for the Arts. According to Curator Erica Lyn Schmidt ’06 (Illustration), the exhibit aimed to “demonstrate what can be accomplished in the arts using resources that are available in the state of Wisconsin.”

“The goal is to inspire young up-and-coming artists to pursue their artistic goals without feeling like they have to travel 1,000 miles for an education or career opportunities,” Schmidt said.

The exhibition in the Portage Center’s Drury Gallery and ran through Saturday, November 26 at 301 E. Cook St.

The show featured works by nine MIAD alumni who are 40 years old and younger, and on the cutting edge of the art scene, according to Schmidt.

  • Tara Borger ’08 (Illustration)Anthony Schmidt
    Lives in Kenosha.
    Showing storybook-type illustrations in watercolor and colored pencil.
  • Jason Krukowski ’99 (Illustration and Photography)
    Lives in Milwaukee.
    Showing paintings of couples in oil and acrylic on wood.
  • Topher MacDonald ’08 (Integrated Studio Art and Illustration)
    Lives in New York.
    Showing black and white illustrations in ink on paper.
  • John Matson ’94 (Illustration)
    Lives in Milwaukee.
    Showing professional fantasy illustrations of oil.
  • Michael Scott Murphy ’06 (Illustration)
    Lives in Chicago.
    Showing illustrations of mixed media.
  • Elliot Powell ’08 (Photography)
    Lives in Milwaukee.
    Showing photographs of human subjects.
  • Anthony Schmidt ’05 (Illustration)
    Lives in Portage.
    Showing fantasy illustrations in watercolor.
  • Erica Lyn Schmidt ’06 (Illustration)
    Lives in Portage.
    Showing scientific illustrations in ink, graphite and watercolor.
  • Aubris Taylor ’06 (Sculpture)
    Lives in Decatur, IN.
    Showing a large mixed media sculpture.

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Top image: Michael Scott Murphy, “Undersea Scourge,” Mixed Media
Bottom image: Anthony Schmidt, “Eowyn,” Watercolor