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MIAD’s Laptop Requirement and Information

MacBookProMIAD’s mission is to serve as the college where individuals discover and realize their creative potential. A vital component of realizing your creative potential is to prepare you to be successful in the 21st century. We do this through our faculty, our facilities, and our curriculum. Our laptop initiative provides you with seamless 24/7 access to the digital tools and the technology you need to learn, create and communicate.

MIAD requires all students to own a laptop computer. This will help prepare students for a future increasingly defined by digital technology and team-based workspaces. MIAD faculty strongly recommend that you purchase a 15" Apple MacBook Pro. This is the computer faculty use when they teach, and it’s clearly the choice of art and design professionals.

Minimum required software is listed by academic program and year on our Open Book Learning initiative ( We have made every effort to ensure that we can provide you with access to the lowest prices for the required software. The laptop and software will provide you with the tools you need to be successful in the classroom, the studio, and in your professional preparation. They will also give you access to our educational course management system, Moodle, where many of your important assignments and documents will be located. Many faculty use Moodle as an integrated learning site for links, resources, and content-rich forums.

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