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snaaplogo1MIAD is participating in the 2017 Strategic National Arts Alumni Project (SNAAP) – a one-of-a-kind survey exploring the lives of arts alumni nationwide.

Alumni completing the survey this fall will have access to a site to see how their educational and career experiences compare with alumni from across the country. They can see where other arts graduates live, where they work, what they earn and how their arts educations have influenced their lives.

The time spent sharing those experiences will help participating arts institutions across the country better prepare students for success, whether they stay in the arts or use what they’ve learned in other professional fields.

By verifying our alumni office has a current email address, our alumni can be sure not to miss the chance to share school and life experiences and help shape the future of arts education across the country and at MIAD.

Alumni can ensure their contact information is current by filling out our Alumni Directory Form here: