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For the second year, MIAD students are getting a taste of what it’s like to work with Colectivo Coffee.

Taking part in the MIAD/Colectivo Cup Collaboration Project, senior students from John Matson and Ric Stultz’s Illustration Seminar created unique and colorful designs for the roaster. Colectivo’s creative team provided direction and critiques throughout the process.

The designs of four students have been chosen to appear on Colectivo cups across Milwaukee in April 2017: Megan Mahan, Morgan Czeropski, Lauren Parra and Miranda Branley.

Parra drew inspiration from flora and fauna surrounding the Orinoco River in Colombia. “A lot of elusive and endangered species live around this river, so I thought it would be fun to incorporate this ability to hide into my design.”

Last year, MIAD trustee Scott Schwebel, VP of Brand, Marketing and Retail for Colectivo, helped make this collaboration a reality. The Boelter Companies help with cup production.

“This partnership offers our students a chance to work in a real-world scenario and interact with the client as a professional illustrator would,” said Stultz.

The Illustration students who participated “put a lot of time, effort and professionalism into this collaboration with Colectivo, and I’m honestly so proud to be working alongside them,” Branley said.

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