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Max Morein ’11 (Industrial Design) uses his design skills to solve everyday problems with intuitive solutions. KeyCatch, an idea that began in a MIAD classroom, is now available for purchase to consumers everywhere.

KeyCatch is a simple solution for storing—you guessed it—keys. Simply replace the bottom screw of any light switch with KeyCatch, a magnet that will hold up to 3 lbs., and a functioning key rack is created.

The device has been receiving great reviews from publications, and consumers, “KeyCatch is functionally about as simple as it gets, and that gives it tremendous consumer appeal,” said Morein.


Bringing the product to market took some time, almost seven years, and a lot of preparation. Morein sought a product licensing agreement to market the device, and took the time to investigate the right people to pitch, “It was very important to find the right partner who understood the value in the idea,” added Morein.

image | MIADMorein’s time at MIAD helped teach him how to think strategically and bring his ideas to fruition. “These are skills that are useful not only in the workshop or the studio, but in the worlds of business and entrepreneurship,” said Morein.

Always working on new projects, he now has built a relationship with a manufacturing partner, making future projects that much easier. “The name of the game in product licensing is building a portfolio of products, so expect more to come,” said Morein.

KeyCatch is currently available for purchase here, and coming soon to retail locations.

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