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JuriedSenior1If you missed MIAD’s impressive 2015 Senior Exhibition, this is your chance to see the best and brightest talent of the 2015 graduating class in the 2015 Juried Senior Exhibition. The exhibition was juried by faculty from the 130+ projects in the 2015 Senior Exhibition, and represents all the majors offered by MIAD.

The 2015 Juried Senior Exhibition runs June 2 – July 25 in the Frederick Layton Gallery.

JuriedSenior2Participating 2015 graduates include:

Devon Hatton (Drawing), Michelle Zealy (Drawing), Paul Kramer (Drawing), Julia Levis (Drawing), Chloe MacKinon (Sculpture), Kyle James (Time-Based Media), Cleto Acosta-McKillop (Time-Based Media), Loretta Keresen (Time-Based Media), Mallori Taylor (Time-Based Media), Joshua Christiansen (Printmaking), Emily Ebert (Communication Design), Mark Davis (Communication Design), Joshua Zelasko (Communication Design), Emily Bury (Illustration), Raven Krupnow (Illustration), Whitney Salgado (Illustration), Maddie Dall (Illustration), DeAnn Guenterberg (Painting), Elaina Johann (Painting), Jasmine McMasters (Painting), Shannen Nelson (Painting), Anthony Graykowski (Industrial Design), Zeke Johnson (Industrial Design), Andrew Ford (Industrial Design), Lindsey Marr (Industrial Design), Gaoly Napao (Industrial Design), Michelle Sharp (Photography), Alex Smith (Photography), Amy Vergeront (Photography), Adam Gerhard (Interior Architecture and Design), Haiyin “Ivana” Li (Interior Architecture and Design), Jessica Ziarkowski (Interior Architecture and Design), Abigail Livick (Interior Architecture and Design), Rachel Hausmann (Integrated Studio Arts), Reece Ousey (Integrated Studio Arts), Kayleigh Karbowski (Integrated Studio Arts) and Cassie Rogala (Integrated Studio Arts).

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