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MIAD Pre-College Scholarship Portfolio Classes

Please check back for upcoming Scholarship Portfolio Classes!

Scholarship Portfolio Classes at MIAD are an opportunity for high school seniors to strengthen their portfolios across fine art and design disciplines for submission to college. MIAD offers in-person and/or online Scholarship Portfolio Classes throughout the year. Various project prompts are strategically developed to provide the keys to a successful portfolio through ample opportunity for experimentation, discovery and diversifying and adding to existing skills through individual interests. Discussions, presentations and individual feedback augment student growth.

High school seniors who successfully complete the course receive a $2,500 scholarship, renewable up to four years (totaling $10,000), to attend MIAD in the fall following their high school graduation. This is in addition to any other merit or need-based monies awarded. Attendance is required each week, along with project completion, in order to receive the scholarship offer.

Please note: Scholarships are not available to attend this class. Students must be entering or in grade 12 to register.


“My feelings of being trapped in an endless art funk came to an end when I started the MIAD Scholarship Portfolio online class. The class challenged me to use mediums that I am not used to using, which ultimately reminded me that there are no limitations when it comes to art. It broke the wall I built that separated me from an infinite number of possibilities.”
– Hannah, Illinois, Fall 2020 Scholarship Portfolio Participant