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The Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design is pleased to announce two new majors starting in the Fall of 2005: Time Based Media and Integrated Studio Arts.

  • Time Based Media Gallery
    includes a video introduction to the program
  • Integrated Studio Arts Gallery
  • New Majors Brochure (PDF format)

As the name implies, MIAD’s Time Based Media major focuses attention on work that changes with time. Time-Based Media combines video, animation and digital technology into one cohesive program of study. Students are exposed to traditional and computer animation methods, video, sound, pre and post-production, as well as experimental film, video and installation art. In order to accommodate the increased need of digital technology, MIAD has greatly expanded its video and computer labs, its research resources, as well as added a sound recording studio and a presentation theater.

Integrated Studio Arts is a self-directed, highly customizable major for fine artists whose interest lies in more than one discipline. Students choose core components from the fine-arts curriculum, as well as studio electives from the entire program of study, in order to maximize personal growth and breadth of knowledge. They are able to devote equal amounts of time and energy to more than one discipline, while maintaining a strong focus on each. Work completed in this major will be inherently multi-disciplined, ambitious, experimental and self-motivated.

All new students who attend MIAD in Fall 2005 will be eligible to declare these new majors. There are no changes in the admissions process for new students; students choose their major at the end of their foundations (freshman) year.

Additional information about programs of study and examples of student work will be added to as it is made available.