Transfer Student Scholarships

MIAD recognizes artistic and academic achievement through a vibrant array of renewable scholarships. Based on artistic and academic merit, MIAD scholarships embrace the creative energies of our prospective student body. Transfer students accepted for admission will automatically be considered for MIAD scholarships. Scholarship decisions will be made on a rolling basis beginning December 1. Students may be eligible for additional forms of financial aid.

MIAD has generously increased merit scholarships for incoming fall 2016 and spring 2016 transfer students. Transfer scholarships range from $11,000-$20,000 per year and are renewable for the length of a transfer students' program. To learn more about MIAD's increased merit scholarships, scholarship process and important dates for fall 2016 and spring 2016 students, please complete a request for information form. A MIAD catalog and scholarship and financial aid brochure will be mailed to you.

Outside Scholarships: MIAD encourages students and families to be aware of scholarship and grant opportunities that are available from non-MIAD sources. Many scholarships that do not originate with MIAD are available to students who may qualify based on special skills, community activities, ethnic or racial heritage, or other criteria. Good sources of information about these scholarships are community college transfer and advising offices, libraries, a parent's place of employment, churches and civic organizations.


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