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Lucero Gallegos ’21

Lucero Gallegos ’21

Meet Lucy

Graduation year: 2021

Major: Illustration, with double minor in Communication Design and Fine Arts

“I am a first-generation college student. My senior year in high school, I took MIAD’s Pre-College Scholarship class. I wanted to improve my portfolio, and I wanted to get every scholarship I could to attend MIAD. I came up from Chicago every Saturday by train and walked to MIAD. I left my house at 8 in the morning and got home at 9:30 at night.

It was worth it. With that scholarship and my Dean’s Scholarship, I came to a college where professors don’t tell you no. Where the aura is so welcoming you never really miss home. Where, unlike high school, I can take my interest beyond my teachers’ and my expectations.

I am a member of the Alpha Lamba Delta National Honor Society. I want to join Student Government. I want to give back.

Thank you for believing in me, for supporting my passion to excel and for building my future.”

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