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Julie Wayer ’12

Julie WayerJulie Wayer ’12 isn’t one for secrets.  And that’s a good thing.

When the President’s Scholar is asked about her accomplishments, Julie says her success is built upon her experiences at MIAD and the scholarship that made them possible.

“At MIAD, we work with companies and industry professionals throughout southeastern Wisconsin, and I have access to materials and resources I wouldn’t have at other colleges,” Julie says.

An Industrial Design major and Sculpture minor from Park Ridge, Ill., Julie says her scholarship allowed her to do something no one in her family has done before.

“I’m the first one in my family who hasn’t gone to a public university. Once I got my scholarship, it was MIAD all the way. I didn’t want to be in classes with 200 people – and I fell in love with the 3-D lab!

“I’ve had more opportunities at MIAD than I ever thought possible.”

Julie was awarded first place in a Delta Faucet design competition, one of MIAD’s many industry partnerships. Her Industrial Design class was challenged to incorporate faucet-less technology into a lavatory or kitchen faucet design.

“The entire design team from Delta, including engineers, came several times to the class to ensure that the projects were compatible with their technology.
“Kivis,” Hand Sanitation Rocks, combine lightweight ceramic with silver chloride, a natural antimicrobial agent

These experiences – and others, such as exhibiting as a freshman in the first MIAD/MAM after Dark exhibit at the Milwaukee Art Museum – have shown me the processes of a professional environment.

I like the experience and being a part of a process, and am interested in the research aspect of Industrial Design.”

“Bells,” bronze and electronics, are a Braille J enlarged, that Julie says “are a reflection of me, and an encouragement of others to interact and touch.”Currently working as a Learning Assistant with sophomore Industrial Design students, Julie says the opportunities she has been provided have taught her the importance of giving back.

“Without my scholarship I wouldn’t have these opportunities and I hope to create similar opportunities for others.”

Read Julie’s remarks to donors at the 2010 Scholarship Luncheon.