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Eduardo Rocha ’19

eduardorocha smMeet Eduardo Rocha

Graduation year: 2019

Major: Industrial Design

“I am a Mexican immigrant to Milwaukee. My father was an alcoholic. He beat me. And I was a troubled kid. When I was in middle school, I got into a lot of trouble. I hung with the wrong crowd. I didn’t pay attention. I got suspended. When I was in high school, the trouble continued. I skipped school. I wasn’t a great student. A teacher accused me of being in a gang. Even though I was not.

When there was trouble in my home, I retreated to my room. And I drew.

When I was in middle school I met a MIAD graduate named Jacobo Lovo. He was my art teacher.  Mr. Lovo told me not to give up on my talent. So even when I got into trouble, I remembered that.

Mr. Lovo introduced me to MIAD’s Pre-College Program, and helped me get a scholarship to attend. The program ignited my passion for art even more. I loved it here the minute I walked in the door.

In high school, there were times I truly was a troubled kid. But this troubled kid kept up with his art on his own. And this troubled kid excelled in the design elements of engineering. My high school engineering teacher told me to look into MIAD’s Industrial Design program. I didn’t think I was good enough. So I didn’t apply to MIAD. I went to a two-year college. But what I studied was not my passion. I left and worked full-time. Any free time I had, I drew.

I remembered Mr. Lovo telling me that I could be anything I want to be – even though the odds seemed against it. I drew some more. I presented my portfolio to MIAD in 2015. Thanks to donors like you, I got a very good scholarship.

I owe it to you, to my mom, and to myself, to be the first college student in my family to make something of myself. To do us all proud as an Industrial Designer.

Thank you for investing in this troubled kid.”