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Alumni Facilities Access Policy & Form

Before requesting an ID or scheduling an appointment, please read the Alumni Facilities Access Policy below as you will be asked to confirm your understanding of the policy prior to being issued an Alumni ID. The policy is designed to ensure that only alumni and current students have access to the labs and that they maintain access safely, while clarifying lab usage uniformly for alumni of all majors.

If you have any questions on alumni access to the labs, please contact


All MIAD alumni can register for access to labs for personal use. MIAD alumni are granted access to all college lab facilities for one year after graduation. If you are within one year of graduation, please email to receive an Alumni ID and information on how to schedule a lab appointment.

Alumni who are beyond one year of graduation are asked to pay an annual $25 fee to receive an Alumni ID, required for access to the labs. This fee supports awards to MIAD seniors, helping cover their thesis costs. If you graduated more than one year ago, please complete the orange payment form on this page and you will receive an email with information about your required ID and scheduling a lab appointment.

1. Upon entry to the building, alumni will need to present a valid, Alumni ID card to access all labs. Each ID will be valid for one year and will provide access to MIAD labs and facilities.

2. Each semester, and before using any facilities, alumni should contact the appropriate lab supervisor to schedule an appointment and clarify the nature and scope of their desired use.

PLEASE NOTE: Speak directly to Lab Supervisors to learn if additional lab fees may apply for lab, materials or planned usage. In the event that additional costs do apply, alumni should pay those fees directly to Lab Supervisors.

3. To gain access to lab facilities, alumni must:

  • Register, pay for (if required), and present a valid Alumni ID card. An alumni ID is not-transferable and is valid until the expiration date indicated on the ID.
  • Have read and agreed to follow this policy.
  • Have a pre-scheduled appointment to use the lab.
  • Have proper training to use the lab.
  • Follow all health and safety practices.
  • Not interfere with classes or current students’ needs.
  • Not use lab facilities to run a business venture or as a substitute for a professional studio.
  • Not bring friends and children into the labs.

4. Additionally:

  • 3D Lab: Alumni must provide their own materials and introduce themselves to the supervisor to clarify the nature and scope of the desired use.
  • Printmaking, Photo and Sculpture Labs: A lab tech must be on duty and equipment and supplies cannot leave the building.
  • Computer labs: Alumni can’t use proprietary software on the college’s computers for commercial purposes. (Software licensing is legally limited to educational use.)
  • Alumni who enroll in Adult Learning courses will have access to the college’s facilities during the term of the course.

Failure to abide by the provisions in this policy will result in revocation of lab facilities access.

Lab Scheduling

After you receive your ID, please use the email addresses below to contact the lab to schedule your appointment first. Walk-ins will not be allowed.

3D Lab
google chat: 3D Lab Booking

Photography Lab

Printmaking Lab
google chat: Printmaking Lab Booking

Sculpture Lab
google chat: Sculpture Lab Booking

Textiles Lab