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Alumni Facilities Access Policy

COVID-19 UPDATE: Thank you for your interest in using MIAD’s labs. Alumni use of the labs is temporarily on hold due to the conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic. When we can safely bring more folks to campus, alumni use of the labs will resume.


We recognize there has been some understandable confusion regarding alumni access to college lab facilities. Because we value our ongoing relationship with alumni, and want our alumni to be involved in the college, staff and faculty – many of whom are alumni – have come together to create the Alumni Facilities Access Policy, the first college-wide written policy about facilities.

The policy is designed to ensure that only alumni and current students have access to the labs and that they maintain access safely, while clarifying lab usage uniformly for alumni of all majors.

Effective immediately, alumni will be granted access to all college lab facilities for one year after graduation. Alumni who are beyond a year after graduation can apply for lab access on an annual basis.

Read the Alumni Facilities Access Policy for more information, and e-mail the form to Anne Kirschmann at to gain access to the labs.