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Roman MontotoMArch University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
BS-Architectural Studies University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
BA-Art History & Criticism University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

“As an educator in the design disciplines, I believe my charge largely involves helping young designers establish a baseline of understanding that the world around them/us is in constant expressive flux and way of seeing possibilities that may actively set the pace by which it will evolve as they are catalyzed by a balance of skill, strategy, and visionary experimentation. Developing this balance requires that students learn how to initiate, iterate, and embrace risk as they rigorously pursue design making and thinking; surrendering to their design processing such that previously unlit potentialities for design are revealed.”

Professor Román Montoto, architect NCARB, studied architecture and art history at UW-Milwaukee. He is a licensed architect with practice experience in Milwaukee, Chicago, and Idaho. He served as professor of architecture at the University of Idaho for 15 years and now holds a faculty position at the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design as professor of Interior Architecture + Design. Montoto’s pedagogical approach begins with understanding that design students of the built environment tend to be a rare breed of dreamers; holding the potential for incredible creativity and disciplinary rigor. This is cultivated by the impact of a healthy studio culture; positioned as equally important to design learning as the material delivered or problems posed. Therefore, his teaching approach integrates pedagogical mechanisms that nurture robust art and design foundations for making and thinking with the support of a robust studio environment; where student envisioning is accepted, critiqued, and iterated.


Bay View Art Stop (Urban Counter-Pose)

Bay View Art Stop (Urban Counter-Pose)
Public Art Intervention & Bus Shelter
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2014
Proposed Signage Modifications
Image received 2019 ASAI Award of Excellence

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