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Resources for Students

The faculty and staff here at MIAD work to connect members of the MIAD community with the resources they need to best engage in cross-cultural learning and to feel comfortable on our campuses. Students have access to clubs and organizations, events, and workshops designed to meet these goals.


Resource Center for Equity and Inclusion

Located in room 240, this space is open to all students. Key functions the Resource Center provides include:

  • Promote a welcoming and inclusive campus environment that supports the leadership development, social experiences and academic persistence of students, with an emphasis on those from groups traditionally under-represented on campus.
  • Help to facilitate learning through educational and co-curricular workshops, trainings, lectures, and other events that help raise cultural awareness of, and appreciation for, persons of diverse backgrounds.
  • Provide a collection of timely, relevant resources to encourage and support employees’ efforts to increase inclusive teaching and learning practices, individual cultural awareness, and sense of belonging.



Non-Discrimination Statement

Consistent with federal and state law and college policy, the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design is committed to the fundamental concept of equal opportunity for all of the members of the college community. MIAD prohibits and will not tolerate discrimination in employment, the provision of academic services, or in any other area of college life based on race, color, sex, physical or mental disability, religion, age, ancestry, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity and/or expression, ethnicity, genetic information, HIV status, or status as a veteran. Prohibited bias factors will not be permitted to have an adverse influence upon decisions regarding students, employees, applicants for admission, applicants for employment, contractors, volunteers or participants in and/or users of institutional programs, services, and activities.

Religious Observance

When a student misses class for any religious observances, it is an excused absence. The student should not suffer any academic penalty because of this absence. Before the absence, the student is responsible for initiating collaboration with faculty to arrange to obtain all information contained in each missed class. The student must plan, at the discretion of the faculty member to take any missed exam either prior to or following the scheduled exam time. All assignments must be handed in on time.

Restroom Usage

All members of the MIAD community may use the restroom which most closely corresponds to their gender identity.

Additional Resources


Photography alum featured in Madison, WI solo exhibition

Photography alum Sarah Stankey ’13 shares the vulnerable and traumatic experience of 90 days in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in her new exhibition “What to Expect,” hosted by Madison’s Arts + Literature Laboratory as part of the Bridge Work Madison program.

NSP: Fine Arts students exhibit at TASK Creative

Twelve New Studio Practice: Fine Arts sophomores took their art out of the classroom and exhibited work locally at TASK Creative as part of Adjunct Assistant Professor Grant Gill’s course “Singularity & Multiplicity.”