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Spring 2023 Registration Information

Spring 2023 registration information is now available!  

Schedule of classes (PDF)


Seniors – Friday, November 4th
Juniors – Monday, November 7th
Sophomores – Tuesday, November 8th
First-Year – Wednesday, November 9th
Make-up day, if needed – Thursday, November 10th

Your registration day & time is on your registration planner!  You will not be able to register before  your assigned day & time.  You will receive the following emails:

  • Registration information email.  Includes lots of information regarding what to do to prepare for registration
  • Program of study – you will receive a separate email if you have a double major and/or minor(s)
  • Registration planner – the planner is where you need to write out the classes you intend to take in spring.  It has your registration day & time, and advisor.

Registration will take place online!  You will receive more detailed instructions the week before registration which will include the link to log into registration.  Online registration will only be open November 4, 7-10th 11:00am – 12:30pm.  It is not open between registration sessions.  After November 10th, registration will be in person in the Registrar’s office.

In person assistance will be available during the registration sessions in room 225.

More Helpful information:

How to read your Program of Study Link to Program of Study Videos – how to read your program of study & program of study for each major by class.


DS307T: Animation: Adv. Projects was MW 3:15-5:45 is NOW: MW 8:30-11:00am

WRTG400E: Making Paper & Writing Text: Sustainable Practice – was TH 3:15-5:45 is NOW: F 9:00-2:00pm

NSP207G: Printmaking Methods – updated course description:

This introductory course will cover a wide range of printmaking processes including screenprinting, relief printing, and stone lithography.  Students will be acquainted with proper usage of tools, presses and materials.  A wide range of visual concepts that pertain to particular characteristics of different printmaking techniques will be addressed.  Students will be encouraged to discover their personal voice while learning the principles of printmaking.

DS307G: Instrument Design – Acoustic Guitar Building was TTH 8:30-11:00 is NOW: F 8:30-2:00

DS307C: Making Paper & Writing Text – updated course description:

Making paper: there is a process.  Writing:  there is a process.  Within each process, there are infinite possibilities and multiple truths.  In this course, students will make handmade paper and transform that paper into objects to house their writing.  We will consider the idea of sustainable practice:  Eco is from the Greek root, Ecos, derived from “Oikos,” meaning “house or household.  Our house here will be the whole global ecology. Students will learn the basics of (sustainable) papermaking, and conduct experiments and collaborations (both in the studio and writing practice of the course) that will direct attention to our surroundings, especially “nature.” Students will study and write poetry and/or prose.  We will read a wide range of authors, such as Thoreau, Annie Dillard, Orpingalik the Intuit songster to Rachel Carson and Mba Shole, Monica Lewis Patrick, Wendell Berry, Robin Wall Kimmerer, Xiuhtezcatl Tonatiuh Martinez, and Barbara Kingsolver.  We will try to discover and invent new ways of representing nature’s rich variety in language.  


DS307W: Interdisciplinary Furniture Studio II TH 12:30-3:00; Pergl – applies towards furniture minor Prerequisites: Adv. 3D lab certification, Furniture Studio I, or instructor permission.


none at this time


Fall 2022 Academic Calendar:

August 22 – Fall classes begin

August 26 – Open enrollment ends at 2:00pm

September 5 – Labor Day Holiday – no classes

October 10 – 11 – Fall break – no classes

October 28 – Last day to withdraw from fall classes (by 2:00pm)

November 23 – 25 – Thanksgiving break – no classes

December 9 – End of fall classes

Spring 2023 Academic Calendar:

January 9 – Spring classes begin

January 13 – Open enrollment ends at 2:00pm

January 16 – Martin Luther King jr. Day – no classes

March 6 – 10 – Spring break – no classes

March 17 – Last day to withdraw from spring classes (by 2:00pm)

April 28 – End of spring classes

May 6 – Graduation Ceremony





To download and read a PDF, get Adobe Acrobat Reader


Photography alum featured in Madison, WI solo exhibition

Photography alum Sarah Stankey ’13 shares the vulnerable and traumatic experience of 90 days in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in her new exhibition “What to Expect,” hosted by Madison’s Arts + Literature Laboratory as part of the Bridge Work Madison program.

NSP: Fine Arts students exhibit at TASK Creative

Twelve New Studio Practice: Fine Arts sophomores took their art out of the classroom and exhibited work locally at TASK Creative as part of Adjunct Assistant Professor Grant Gill’s course “Singularity & Multiplicity.”